EAW RSX12M 2-Way Self-Powered Stage Monitor

The RSX12M features onboard bi-amplified electronics (500W peak) featuring signature EAW DSP including Focusing and DynO for pristine impulse response. MK inspired constant directivity horn offers 105°x105° coverage. EAWmosaic™ app provides total system optimization from anywhere in the venue, plus intuitive room design and prediction in a single, comprehensive application.
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  • Crystal-clear stage monitoring for vocalists and musicians
  • EAW Focusing™ technology ensures consistent audio coverage
  • Adjustable sound dispersion for customizable monitoring
  • Durable construction built for the demands of live performances

EAW RSX12M: Elevate Your Stage Monitoring
Experience stage monitoring like never before with the EAW RSX12M. Designed to provide unparalleled clarity, versatility, and reliability, this stage monitor is your ticket to delivering exceptional performances and ensuring that every artist hears themselves with precision.

Crystal Clear Monitoring
The RSX12M is engineered with a focus on delivering crystal-clear audio monitoring. Its premium transducers and advanced technology ensure that vocalists and musicians hear themselves accurately, allowing them to perform at their best without straining to hear their own sound.

EAW Focusing™ Technology
Equipped with EAW's Focusing™ technology, the RSX12M takes stage monitoring to a new level. This technology optimizes the monitor's performance to ensure that the sound remains consistent across various listening positions on stage. Say goodbye to uneven audio coverage and hello to a balanced and uniform monitoring experience.

Customizable Sound Dispersion
The RSX12M features a versatile enclosure design that allows you to adjust the sound dispersion to suit your stage setup. Whether you need a narrow coverage angle for precise monitoring or a wider angle for accommodating multiple performers, the RSX12M offers the flexibility to tailor the sound to your exact requirements.

Durable Construction
Built to withstand the demands of the stage, the RSX12M boasts a durable construction that's ready to take on the rigors of live performances. From its rugged enclosure to its dependable components, this stage monitor is designed to provide reliable performance night after night.

Elevate Your Performance
With the EAW RSX12M, you're not just getting a stage monitor—you're getting a tool that empowers you to deliver your best performances. Whether you're a vocalist, guitarist, drummer, or any other kind of performer, the RSX12M ensures that you hear yourself accurately and confidently on stage.

Step onto the stage with confidence, knowing that your sound is in your control. Elevate your performance experience with the precision, clarity, and reliability of the EAW RSX12M stage monitor. It's time to take your stage monitoring to new heights and bring out the best in your live performances.

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