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ADJ Starburst RGBWA+Purple LED Sphere Effect

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Rotating Sphere with 5 x 15W 6-in-1 HEX RGBWA+Purple LEDs and DMX Controls
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  • The American DJ Uni Pak II is a compact, single channel dimmer and on/off switching pack, offering versatile control for your lighting setup.
  • Equipped with both on-board and external HTP (Highest Takes Precedence) slider controls, the Uni Pak II ensures precise and intuitive management of your lighting levels.
  • Built to adhere to the standard DMX-512 protocol, the pack seamlessly integrates with your DMX controller, facilitating easy integration into your lighting setup.
  • Enjoy the convenience of dim preset and dim limiter settings, providing you with flexibility and control over the desired lighting ambiance.
  • The integrated LED display simplifies DMX channel programming, making setup and adjustments hassle-free.
  • The pack features a 3-pin XLR In/Out connection for efficient communication between devices and components, ensuring smooth operation.
  • Benefit from two standard AC 3-prong Edison plugs, accommodating your lighting fixtures and accessories with ease.

American DJ Starburst: Ignite Your Stage with Mesmerizing Lights

Sphere of Brilliance
Introducing the American DJ Starburst—an electrifying rotating sphere effect that propels your stage into a universe of dazzling multi-color beams. This powerhouse of creativity dances to the rhythm of sound or bends to your command via DMX control. Immerse your audience in an ever-evolving sea of light and color, making every moment a visual spectacle.

Unleash Radiance, Amplify Sound
Picture this: five 15W HEX LEDs pulsating with life, conjuring red, green, blue, white, amber, and ultra-violet colors. As they meld and merge, the result is a breathtakingly wide spectrum of hues, illuminating the ambiance in ways never before possible.

360° Brilliance, 34 Rays of Illumination
The Starburst unleashes 34 sharp, luminous beams. Each beam boasts a 1° beam angle, collectively blanketing the stage with a 360° coverage. The result? A visual panorama that captures every corner, every emotion, and every beat.

Control, Customize, Create
Navigate your light symphony with three dynamic operational modes. Auto-run, sound active, and DMX control with 13 channels grant you the power to tailor your show to the desired intensity. For those who seek the convenience of wireless mastery, the Starburst syncs seamlessly with the optional UC3 wireless remote control.

Power Meets Efficiency
Despite its grandeur, the Starburst treads lightly on power consumption, with a mere 55W appetite. This means you can daisy-chain up to 20 units from a single 120V circuit, magnifying your impact without worrying about the energy drain.

Shine Bright, Shine Infinite
The American DJ Starburst is not just a lighting effect; it's an experience. With 5 x 15W HEX LEDs, 34 beams, and an array of control options, this powerhouse is ready to transform your stage into a pulsating universe of brilliance and wonder. Your canvas awaits, ready to be painted with a palette of colors that transcends imagination.

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