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ADJ H2O DMX IR 80W, 5-Color DMX Water Effect

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80W LED Water Flowing Lighting Effect with 6 Colors, IR Remote Control Compatibility, and 3-channel DMX Support
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  • Transcendent underwater lighting effect for stand-alone brilliance or seamless integration into advanced lighting setups.
  • Dual glass effects wheels intricately create a convincing underwater and water-flowing spectacle.
  • Vibrant dichromatic color wheel offers an array of 5 rich hues alongside pristine white, accommodating split color modes.
  • Robust 80-watt LED light source projects the effect even through fog and haze, lending an extra dimension to your setup.
  • Dynamic operation modes – Show Mode, Manual Mode, DMX Control – cater to diverse creative scenarios.
  • DMX functionality facilitates master/slave chaining and remote dimming, promoting unparalleled versatility.
  • Harness the potential of the optional ADJ UC IR remote control (available separately) for expanded control and convenience.

Unleash Mesmerizing Water Effects with the H2O DMX Pro
Elevate your lighting game to new aquatic heights with the H2O DMX Pro by American DJ. This multi-colored lighting fixture transports you to an underwater oasis, simulating the enchanting flow of water. Whether you're orchestrating a live show, setting the vibe in a DJ booth, enhancing nightclubs, crafting immersive lounge experiences, or curating captivating art installations, the H2O DMX Pro is your ticket to breathtaking water-inspired mood lighting.

Vivid Realism, Brilliant Creativity
Dive into a world of creativity as the H2O DMX Pro conjures up the illusion of cascading water. This versatile fixture thrives with or without fog, yielding stunning water effects that captivate and engage. With its palette of 6 dichroic colors – ranging from tranquil blue and vibrant green to fiery orange and more – the fixture empowers you to paint your space with dynamic hues. The result? A visual spectacle that mirrors the allure of flowing water in its full splendor.

Tailor-Made Brilliance, Dynamic Design
The H2O DMX Pro boasts a commanding 50W LED, channeling its luminous power through an adjustable beam angle that varies from 34 to 52°. The package includes two replaceable lenses to effortlessly switch between beam angles, providing versatility for different settings. The result is an adaptable lighting fixture that masterfully carves out your desired ambiance.

Unleash Your Vision with Ease
Equipped with 3 DMX channels, the H2O DMX Pro offers you the freedom to sculpt the perfect lighting atmosphere. Whether it's Show Mode, Manual Mode, or DMX Control, the fixture adapts to your requirements, ensuring your creative vision comes to life. You can also link multiple units together through master/slave chaining, effectively synchronizing their brilliance for a unified experience. And with remote dimming capabilities, you can effortlessly fine-tune the intensity of your aquatic masterpiece.

Future-Ready Flexibility
Complementing its array of features, the H2O DMX Pro is primed for expansion. It's compatible with the optional ADJ UC IR remote control, a valuable accessory that enables you to take command from a distance, effortlessly adjusting settings and crafting moods on the fly.

Elevate your lighting prowess and immerse your audience in the allure of aquatic wonder with the H2O DMX Pro. A harmonious fusion of innovation, versatility, and sheer brilliance awaits – dive in today.

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