Electro-Voice ELX200-18SP 18 inch Powered Subwoofer


Electro-Voice EKX-18SP-US Powered 18" Subwoofer

Electro-Voice ZXA1-Sub 12" 700W Active Subwoofer

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12" 700W Active Subwoofer from Electro-Voice is a compact and powerful subwoofer that's ideal for use alongside the ZXA1 full-range speaker
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  • 15-mm plywood enclosure with internally braced design and textured paint finish
  • EVS-12S 12" woofer delivers powerful and engaging bass response
  • Perfectly complements a range of EV loudspeakers, including ZX1, EVID, and EVU models
  • Versatile choice for smaller fixed installations or live sound systems
  • Pole mount compatibility for easy integration with full-range systems

Elevate Your Sound with the Electro-Voice ZX1-Sub:
Introducing the Electro-Voice ZX1-Sub, a powerhouse subwoofer designed to enhance your audio experience and add a new dimension to your sound. Optimized to seamlessly integrate with various EV loudspeakers, including ZX1, EVID, and EVU models, this subwoofer delivers a deep low-frequency punch that you can both hear and feel. Elevate your audio setup and bring a new level of impact to your soundscapes.

Powerful Performance, Compact Design
The ZX1-Sub is engineered to deliver powerful and engaging bass response, thanks to its EVS-12S 12" woofer. This dynamic component ensures that every note, beat, and low-frequency detail is reproduced with exceptional clarity and precision, enriching your audio with depth and presence.

Versatility for Every Setup
Whether you're setting up a small fixed installation or a live sound system, the ZX1-Sub is the perfect choice to complete your audio ensemble. Its versatility makes it an excellent addition to a wide range of environments, from conference rooms and worship spaces to music venues and live performances.

Rugged Construction, Stylish Finish
Crafted with a robust 15-mm plywood enclosure that's internally braced, the ZX1-Sub is built to withstand the demands of regular use while maintaining its exceptional sound quality. The textured paint finish adds a touch of elegance, making this subwoofer a seamless addition to any setting.

Seamless Integration
Designed with compatibility in mind, the ZX1-Sub is optimized to work harmoniously with a variety of EV loudspeakers. Whether you're enhancing your existing EV setup or creating a new audio experience, this subwoofer seamlessly integrates into your system, providing a deep and immersive low-frequency extension.

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