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Electro-Voice ND68 Supercardioid Dynamic Bass Drum Microphone

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Supercardioid Large-diaphragm Dynamic Microphone with Internal Shockmount and Memraflex Grille
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  • Embrace excellent acoustic isolation with the supercardioid polar pattern.
  • Experience a deep low end, relaxed midrange, and aggressive top-end punctuation.
  • Manage high SPL transients and RMS wave fronts up to 144 dB SPL.
  • Humbucking coil guards against line hum, preserving your sound's integrity.
  • The Memraflex grille resists denting, ensuring longevity and reliability.

ND68 Dynamic Supercardioid Kick Drum Microphone: Redefine Your Low-End Power
Unleash the thunderous power of your kick drum and low-frequency instruments with the ND68 Dynamic Supercardioid Microphone. Crafted to redefine your sound, the ND68 stands as a testament to robustness and precision. Elevate your performance and captivate your audience with the deep, resonant lows and punctuated highs that the ND68 delivers with remarkable clarity and impact.

Empower Your Sound
Step into the spotlight with confidence, knowing that the ND68 has your back. This powerhouse boasts a supercardioid polar pattern that shines as a beacon of isolation, ensuring your kick drum and low-frequency instruments take center stage. Say goodbye to unwanted ambient noise and embrace the purity of your sound, while maintaining a seamless connection with your fellow musicians.

Low-End Dominance
Experience a low end that commands attention. The ND68's carefully tuned voicing characteristics have been meticulously designed to deliver a deep and resonant low frequency, perfectly complemented by a relaxed midrange. But that's not all – the high-frequency content adds a touch of aggressive punctuation to your top-end, ensuring your sound cuts through the mix with unwavering authority.

Unleash Your Creativity
Raise the bar with the ND68's exceptional SPL handling capability. This microphone fearlessly takes on high SPL transients and RMS wave fronts up to a staggering 144 dB SPL. Whether you're unleashing explosive drum fills or unleashing the sheer power of your low-frequency instruments, the ND68 keeps up with your energy, capturing every detail with unparalleled precision.

Resilience Meets Innovation
The ND68 embodies resilience without compromise. Its humbucking coil shields against line hum, allowing your sound to remain untainted and free from interference. Meanwhile, the Memraflex grille stands as a guardian, resisting denting and maintaining the microphone's impeccable appearance and performance even through the rigors of a dynamic stage.

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