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dbx AFS2 Dual Channel Advanced Feedback Suppression w/ LCD display

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Dual Channel Advanced Feedback Suppression w/ LCD display
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  • Wizard Setup Function for easy configuration
  • Full LCD Display for intuitive control
  • Patented AFS™ technology tackles feedback issues
  • 24 Programmable Filters per Channel for precise control
  • Stereo or Dual Independent Channel Processing modes
  • Live and Fixed Filter Modes adapt to your needs
  • Selectable Filter Lift Times for seamless transitions
  • Application-specific filter types for tailored sound
  • Input channel Metering for visual monitoring
  • 24 LED per Channel Filter Metering for clear feedback
  • XLR and TRS Inputs and Outputs for versatile connectivity

Optimize Your Sound with the dbx AFS2 Feedback Suppression Processor
Are you tired of battling unwanted feedback during your live performances or events? The dbx AFS2 Feedback Suppression Processor is here to save the day. Say goodbye to screeching and unwanted noise, and hello to crystal-clear sound quality. With its advanced technology and user-friendly features, the AFS2 is designed to enhance your audio experience and make your live sound setups smoother than ever.

Simple Setup, Powerful Results
The AFS2 is equipped with a Wizard Setup Function, making configuration a breeze. No need to be a tech wizard – the setup process is intuitive and user-friendly. The Full LCD Display provides clear visuals and ensures you have full control over your settings.

Patented Feedback Suppression Technology
At the heart of the AFS2 is dbx’s patented AFS™ technology, designed to tackle feedback issues with precision. Experience the power of 24 Programmable Filters per Channel, giving you the ability to fine-tune and control feedback frequencies like never before. Whether you're dealing with a complex live sound environment or a more controlled setting, the AFS2 has you covered.

Versatility at Your Fingertips
The AFS2 offers both Stereo and Dual Independent Channel Processing modes, allowing you to tailor your approach to your specific setup. Choose between Live and Fixed Filter Modes based on your preference and needs. With Selectable Filter Lift Times, you can customize how quickly filters are applied or removed, ensuring seamless transitions.

Designed for Various Applications
Whether you're a live sound engineer, musician, or audio professional, the AFS2 is an invaluable tool for managing feedback and improving audio quality. Its Application-specific filter types, including Speech and Music Low, Med, and High, ensure that you achieve the perfect sound for any situation. Input channel Metering and 24 LED per Channel Filter Metering provide visual feedback, helping you stay in control of your audio signal.

Flexible Connectivity
Connectivity is key, and the AFS2 offers XLR and TRS Inputs and Outputs for seamless integration with your existing setup. Experience the difference with this powerful processor that guarantees a smoother and more enjoyable sound experience. Say goodbye to feedback nightmares and hello to pristine audio quality – the dbx AFS2 Feedback Suppression Processor has your back.

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