Electro-Voice EKX-18S 18 inch Passive Subwoofer

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18" Passive Subwoofer
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  • The EKX-18S commands a staggering 1600W peak power and a peak SPL of 134 dB, channeling its potential through high-sensitivity transducers. Prepare to be immersed in deep, resonant bass that reverberates through your very core.
  • Crafted for portability without compromising on power, the subwoofer features a lightweight 15mm wood enclosure with internal bracing. Its compact design ensures seamless integration into any setup, without sacrificing its formidable impact.
  • The EKX-18S boasts an EVCoat finish, offering both protection and aesthetic appeal. Reinforced by two metal grille reinforcement bars, this subwoofer is ready to withstand the rigors of any performance environment.
  • Large slot ports characterize the subwoofer, ensuring minimal distortion and exceptional bass extension. The result is a meticulously defined bass response that enriches your auditory experience.
  • With eight M10 threaded mounting points and aluminum pole-mounts, your setup possibilities are boundless. The integrated M20 threaded pole mount plate further enhances your convenience, allowing for effortless pole mounting.

Unleash Sonic Power with the EKX-18S Passive 18" Subwoofer: Elevate Your Bass Experience
Step into a world of unparalleled bass resonance and sonic grandeur with the EKX-18S Passive 18" Subwoofer by Electro-Voice. Designed to deliver a seismic impact, this subwoofer boasts a peak power of 1600W, capable of reaching an astounding 134 dB peak SPL with the aid of its high-sensitivity transducers. Whether you're a live performer, sound enthusiast, or event professional, the EKX-18S is your ultimate ticket to bass-rich excellence.

Exceptional Power Meets Intelligent Design
The EKX-18S thrives on the marriage of power and intelligence. Its integrated EKX amplifier features intelligent thermal management, orchestrated by a variable-speed fan regulated by onboard sensors. This technological innovation ensures that your sonic journey remains uncompromised, regardless of the intensity of your performance or the ambient conditions.

Applications: Elevate Your Sound Everywhere
The EKX-18S is a versatile powerhouse that transcends boundaries. It caters effortlessly to both portable and installed applications, embracing your sound reinforcement needs with equal prowess. Whether you're orchestrating a dynamic outdoor event, transforming an indoor space into an auditory marvel, or elevating the energy levels of a club atmosphere, the EKX-18S is your steadfast companion.

Unleash Your Bass Potential: Elevate Every Sonic Encounter
Embark on a transformative journey as the EKX-18S Passive 18" Subwoofer magnifies the very essence of your sound. Whether you're pushing the boundaries of live performances, setting the mood in a club, or delivering unparalleled sound reinforcement, this subwoofer is your key to unlocking a realm of sonic possibilities. Elevate your bass experience, redefine your sound, and make your mark as a true connoisseur of auditory excellence. With Electro-Voice's engineering brilliance and your artistic vision harmonizing, your sound will resonate with unmatched power and precision.

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