EAW RSX129 2-Way Self-Powered Loudspeaker (90 x 60 horn pattern)


Electro-Voice EKX-15P 1500W 15 inch Powered Speaker

Electro-Voice EKX-12P 1500W 12 inch Powered Speaker

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1500W 12" 2-way Powered Speaker
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  • QuickSmartDSP technology with EV's signature single-knob interface and LCD menu navigation for precise sound customization.
  • High-efficiency 1500 W Class D power amplifier delivering up to 132 dB peak SPL on the EKX-12P.
  • Intelligent thermal management with a variable-speed fan for exceptional reliability in challenging environments.
  • EV-patented Signal Synchronized Transducers (SST) waveguide design for precise and consistent coverage.
  • Lightweight, compact 15-mm wood enclosure with internal bracing, durable EVCoat finish, eight M10 threaded mounting points, aluminum pole mounts, and all-metal handles.

Unleash Sonic Brilliance with the EKX Series: Elevate Your Performance
Experience a symphony of Electro-Voice engineering and groundbreaking innovation, meticulously harmonized to deliver an unparalleled sonic impact. The EKX series transcends conventional sound boundaries, enabling you to harness the full potential of your performance. It's more than a speaker; it's a catalyst that transforms your sound into an unforgettable auditory masterpiece.

Precision-Crafted Excellence for Diverse Soundscapes
Introducing the EKX series — a fusion of Electro-Voice's legendary sound quality and unwavering reliability, expertly condensed into a compact powerhouse. Its versatility thrives in a wide spectrum of sound reinforcement scenarios, from the mesmerizing performances of musicians and DJs to the dynamic ambiance of small-to-medium live events, clubs, and installations. Witness the EKX series as it unleashes your sound, elevating your creativity and captivating your audience.

Elevate Your Sound, Elevate Your Experience
Delve into the realm of professional sound with the EKX series, where exceptional features converge to redefine value. The EKX-12P, for instance, boasts the revolutionary QuickSmartDSP technology, featuring EV's signature single-knob user interface and an intuitive LCD menu navigation. This sophisticated processing ensures optimal sound sculpting at your fingertips, allowing you to fine-tune your audio with precision.

Unrivaled Power, Unparalleled Performance
Breathe life into your sound with the high-efficiency 1500 W Class D power amplifier, catapulting the EKX-12P to astonishing heights of up to 132 dB peak SPL. This power, harnessed through high-sensitivity transducers engineered by Electro-Voice, guarantees a sonic experience that resonates deep within your soul.

Reliability in Any Setting
Experience unparalleled reliability, even in the face of demanding environmental conditions. The EKX series features intelligent thermal management, driven by a variable-speed fan meticulously regulated by multiple onboard sensors. This advanced technology ensures superior performance, safeguarding your sonic brilliance throughout your journey.

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