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Focusrite ISA Two 2-channel Microphone Preamp

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2-channel Mic/Instrument Preamp with 80dB of Gain, Switchable Phantom Power, Variable Hi-pass Filters, and Variable Input Impedance
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  • Two channels of Focusrite goodness in a rackspace!
  • Lundahl LL1538 mic input transformer
  • Up to 80dB of gain
  • Variable input impedance
  • User-calibrated metering
  • Front-panel instrument and rear panel line inputs
  • Variable cut-off highpass filter
  • Rear panel balanced inserts
  • Free Brainworx bx_console re-creation of Focusrite's ISA 110 and ISA 130 modules
  • 3-year warranty

Unleash Legendary Studio Sound
Experience the timeless sonic essence of the revered Forte and Studio consoles in a single rack unit chassis with the Focusrite ISA Two mic preamp. Boasting two channels, this preamp accommodates microphone, line-level, and direct instrument-level sources. A variable impedance selector allows you to dial in the desired warmth without compromising clarity. If you're in search of warmth, transparency, and essential features in a preamp, the Focusrite ISA Two is the one to consider.

A Heritage of Excellence
With a distinguished heritage dating back to its introduction in 1985, the transformer-based Focusrite preamp has achieved legendary status and set a benchmark for transparency. However, what sets it apart is the subtle warmth resulting from transformer core saturation. This unique combination of warmth and transparent, open high frequencies gives the Focusrite preamp its distinctive "sound" that remains sought after in top studios worldwide.

Engineering Innovations for Superior Sound
The Focusrite ISA Two incorporates innovative engineering to deliver a superior-sounding mic preamp. It operates over a wide range (10Hz-135kHz) to eliminate the audible rolloff exhibited by preamps limited to the audible bandwidth. Enjoy up to 80dB of undistorted gain with the ISA topology. Additionally, variable input impedance enables you to fine-tune the "character" of your signal, from pristine transparency to vintage warmth.

Timeless Components
Rupert Neve personally selected the Lundahl LL1538 as the input transformer for the legendary Focusrite ISA 110, and it continues to be the best microphone input transformer available. Every ISA Series mic pre from Focusrite features the Lundahl LL1538 for its exceptional quality. The ISA circuit incorporates Mr. Neve's perfected Zobel network, contributing to the broad-bandwidth and ruler-flat frequency response exhibited by ISA preamps.


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