Mackie 402VLZ Bag Mixer Bag for 402VLZ4 & VLZ3

Mixer Bag for 402VLZ4 & VLZ3
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402VLZ Bag


  • Foam-padded mixer tote designed for Mackie 402VLZ mixer
  • Large front zippered pocket for cables and accessories
  • Durable exterior protects against scratches and impacts
  • Comfortable carrying handle for easy transport
  • Zipper slip pocket for quick-access storage
  • Perfect fit to secure and safeguard your gear
  • Ideal for gigging musicians, audio professionals, and content creators

Mackie 402VLZ Bag: Protect Your Gear On the Go
Introducing the Mackie 402VLZ Bag, your solution for transporting and safeguarding your valuable audio equipment. Crafted with convenience and protection in mind, this foam-padded mixer tote is designed to accommodate the Mackie 402VLZ mixer and keep it safe during travel and storage. Whether you're a gigging musician, audio professional, or content creator, this bag is the perfect companion for keeping your gear in top condition.

Secure and Convenient Design
The Mackie 402VLZ Bag is tailored to fit the Mackie 402VLZ mixer snugly, providing a custom-fit solution that ensures your equipment stays securely in place. The foam-padded interior cushions your mixer against shocks and impacts, while the durable exterior guards against scratches, dings, and dust. The bag's large front zippered pocket adds an extra layer of convenience, offering ample space for storing cables, accessories, and small essentials.

Effortless Portability
Equipped with a comfortable carrying handle, the Mackie 402VLZ Bag is designed for easy transport. Whether you're moving between gigs, studios, or venues, this bag ensures that your equipment remains protected and accessible at all times. The zipper slip pocket on the front of the bag provides a convenient spot for storing smaller items that you need quick access to.

Built to Last
Mackie is known for producing rugged and reliable audio equipment, and the same commitment to durability is evident in the construction of the 402VLZ Bag. The bag is built to withstand the rigors of the road, ensuring that your gear remains safe and functional over the long haul. Whether you're a seasoned touring musician or a studio engineer on the move, this bag offers the protection you need for your valuable mixer.

Travel Safely with Your Mackie 402VLZ Mixer
With the Mackie 402VLZ Bag, you can travel with peace of mind, knowing that your equipment is protected and ready for action. This foam-padded mixer tote offers a custom fit, convenient storage options, and a rugged design that ensures your gear arrives at its destination in top condition. Whether you're heading to a gig, a recording session, or a live event, the Mackie 402VLZ Bag is your trusted companion for safeguarding your valuable audio equipment.

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