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Zoom CBF-1SP F1-SP CARRYING BAG Protective Case for Zoom F1-S

Zoom CBF-1LP Carrying Bag for Zoom F1-LP

Protective case for Zoom F1-LP
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  • Elevate your recording experience with the Zoom CBF-1LP Padded-Shell Case, meticulously crafted to protect your F1 field recorder.
  • Seamless protection against shocks and scratches ensures that your gear remains in pristine condition, no matter where your creative journey takes you.
  • Purpose-built design allows you to carry your F1 recorder alongside essential accessories, including a lavalier microphone, windscreen, AAA battery, and microSD card.
  • Unleash your creative potential by keeping your recording essentials organized and ready for action, streamlining your workflow and enhancing productivity.
  • Experience the freedom of mobility as the CBF-1LP's sleek and compact form seamlessly integrates into your gear setup.
  • Ideal for field recordings, interviews, documentary shoots, and more—this case is your reliable companion on every creative adventure.

Safeguard Your Creative Companion with the Zoom CBF-1LP Padded-Shell Case

Protection and Convenience Combined
Introducing the Zoom CBF-1LP—a tailored solution designed to shield your valuable F1 field recorder from shocks and scratches. Elevate your recording experience with the assurance that your gear is well-protected, whether you're on location or in transit. Crafted with precision, this padded-shell case offers a secure haven for your F1 and essential accessories, ensuring that your creative endeavors remain unhampered.

Unleash Your Creative Freedom
The CBF-1LP goes beyond protection; it's a testament to convenience and versatility. Seamlessly carry your F1 field recorder alongside a carefully curated set of accessories, such as a lavalier microphone, windscreen, AAA battery, and microSD card. Empower your recording sessions by having all your essentials organized and ready to go, allowing you to focus on capturing the perfect soundscapes.

Engineered for Mobility
Designed with the modern creator in mind, the CBF-1LP is more than a case—it's a companion that enhances your mobility. Its sleek and compact form ensures easy portability, fitting snugly into your gear setup. Whether you're embarking on field recordings, interviews, or documentary shoots, this case provides the peace of mind that your equipment is shielded from the rigors of the creative journey.

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