dbx DI4 4-Channel Active Direct Box and Line Mixer

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4-channel direct box that converts unbalanced signals into balanced output for use with mixers, PAs, recording consoles and more
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  • Four independent DI box units in a 1/2 RU package
  • Individual 20dB Pad Switch per channel for level adjustment
  • Independent Ground (Earth) Lift Switch per channel to eliminate noise
  • Individual Volume Control per channel for Line Mixer Output
  • Pan Control per channel for Line Mixer Output
  • Master Volume control for overall management
  • Built-in Headphone Output for direct monitoring
  • Ideal for instruments, keyboards, and line-level audio sources
  • Compact design for easy integration into any setup
  • Versatile tool for live sound, studio recording, and more

Versatile Signal Management with the dbx DI4 Active Direct Box
Unlock a world of flexibility and control in your audio setup with the dbx DI4 Active Direct Box. This compact unit houses four completely independent DI box units in a 1/2 RU package, making it a powerful tool for managing your audio signals with ease and precision.

Four-in-One Design for Maximum Versatility
The dbx DI4 offers the convenience of having four individual DI box units all within a single compact enclosure. This means you can effortlessly manage multiple audio sources with independent control for each channel. Whether you're handling instruments, keyboards, or any line-level audio, the DI4's versatility ensures you're covered.

Individual Control at Your Fingertips
Each channel of the dbx DI4 comes equipped with its own 20dB Pad Switch, allowing you to adjust levels and prevent signal distortion even in high-volume situations. The Independent Ground (Earth) Lift Switch on each channel helps eliminate ground loop noise for a cleaner sound. With Independent Volume Control and Pan Control per channel for the Line Mixer Output, you have complete command over your audio blend.

Master Control for Seamless Management
Managing your signals is a breeze with the dbx DI4's Master Volume control. This control acts as the central hub for your overall audio mix, allowing you to fine-tune the balance of your signals effortlessly. Plus, the built-in Headphone Output lets you monitor your mix directly, ensuring you get the sound you desire.

Applications Aplenty
Whether you're a live sound engineer, studio musician, or DJ, the dbx DI4 Active Direct Box is an invaluable tool for any audio setup. Its compact size and intuitive design make it easy to integrate into your rig, while its independent controls ensure you can tailor your sound to your exact specifications.

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