dbx DI1 Active Direct Box

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Active direct box ensures audio signals reach their destination in both a balanced format and free from unwanted noise
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  • Level and Impedance Matching function for accurate signal representation
  • Output impedance of over 600 Ohms for precise delivery
  • Signal Pass Through Connector for added convenience
  • Balanced XLR Output Connector for pristine signal transmission
  • Attenuation Control for flexible input level adjustment
  • Distortion levels of less than 0.005% at 1kHz, 0dBu
  • Versatile TS and XLR Inputs and Outputs
  • Frequency Response from 10Hz to 70kHz, +0dB/-3dB
  • Battery LED Indicator for easy monitoring
  • Phantom Power LED Indicator for powered operation
  • Ground Lift Switch to eliminate unwanted noise
  • Main/Standby function for efficient battery use
  • Durable Metal Chassis for reliability in any setting

Elevate Your Audio Signal with the dbx DI1 Active Direct Box
When it comes to achieving optimal sound quality in your audio setup, the dbx DI1 Active Direct Box is a must-have tool for musicians, engineers, and audio enthusiasts alike. Whether you're on stage or in the studio, the DI1 is designed to ensure that your audio signal remains clear, clean, and noise-free.

Enhance Signal Integrity
The DI1 features a Level and Impedance Matching function that guarantees your signal remains true to its original source. With an output impedance of over 600 Ohms, your audio is delivered with precision and fidelity. Experience the convenience of a Signal Pass Through Connector, allowing you to send your signal to another device without signal degradation.

Versatile Connectivity
The DI1 is equipped with both TS and XLR Inputs and Outputs, providing you with versatile connection options. The Output Connector boasts a balanced XLR output, ensuring a balanced signal transmission for optimal performance. The Attenuation Control gives you the power to adjust input levels, accommodating various sources without compromising sound quality.

Engineered for Clarity
Say goodbye to unwanted distortion – the DI1 boasts distortion levels of less than 0.005% at 1kHz and 0dBu. This means that your audio remains pristine, even at higher levels. The Frequency Response spans from 10Hz to 70kHz, +0dB/-3dB, ensuring that every nuance of your sound is faithfully captured.

Built-In Features for Convenience
The DI1 comes packed with user-friendly features. The Battery LED Indicator lets you know when your 9V battery is in action, while the Phantom Power LED Indicator signals when phantom power is active. A Ground Lift Switch helps eliminate unwanted noise caused by ground loops, and the Main/Standby function ensures efficient battery use.

Applications Galore
Whether you're plugging in instruments, keyboards, or any other audio source, the dbx DI1 Active Direct Box is a versatile solution for achieving optimal audio quality. Its compact Metal Chassis ensures durability and reliability, even in the most demanding environments.

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