ART HeadAMP 4 Pro - Five Channel Headphone Amplifier With Talkbac

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5-channel Headphone Amplifier with Selectable Talkback and Monitoring Switches
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  • Five Channels of High-Headroom Brilliance: Embark on an auditory odyssey with five pro-grade headphone outputs, each radiating high-headroom sonic brilliance.
  • Versatile Talkback and Monitoring: Immerse yourself in an environment of limitless communication and monitoring possibilities, offering the perfect fusion of innovation and functionality.
  • Desktop-Friendly Design: Embrace the future of auditory excellence with a compact, desktop-friendly format that eliminates the need for cumbersome racks, delivering convenience without compromise.
  • I/O Excellence: Embrace the modern studio landscape with versatile I/O options that seamlessly integrate into your setup, granting you the power to shape your sonic destiny.
  • Talkback Remoting: Harness the potential of remote talkback activation through a footswitch (sold separately) for a truly immersive experience, where sound becomes an extension of your intentions.

Unleash Sonic Precision: ART HeadAMP 4 Pro - Five Channel Headphone Amplifier With Talkback
Elevate your auditory experience with the ART HeadAMP 4 Pro - a cutting-edge five-channel headphone amplifier meticulously crafted to redefine the way you perceive sound. Whether you're immersed in home or project studio monitoring, engaging in seamless communication networks, or illuminating the path of knowledge through teaching applications, this remarkable device is your gateway to a realm of unparalleled clarity and control.

Precision Meets Versatility: A Multifaceted Marvel
Designed to amplify your auditory journey, the ART HeadAMP 4 Pro boasts five stereo headphone outputs on 1/4" TRS connectors, each equipped with individual volume controls. Seamlessly toggle between inputs through the pair of 1/4" main inputs and the four stereo auxiliary inputs, all on 1/4" TRS connectors, making connectivity a breeze.

Empower Your Communication: Talkback Reinvented
The ART HeadAMP 4 Pro isn't just an amplifier; it's a portal of communication. With a rear panel 1/4" footswitch input, you hold the power to activate an internal talk-back microphone or an external microphone connected to the front panel XLR microphone input, complete with phantom power. Navigate your sonic realm with ease as front panel push buttons allow you to precisely direct the source material to specific headphones, while also orchestrating the talkback channel for a seamless blend of auditory interaction.

With the ART HeadAMP 4 Pro as your ally, you venture into a realm where precision meets versatility, where sound becomes an art form waiting to be sculpted. Elevate your auditory potential, revolutionize communication networks, and enrich teaching applications with the power of the ART HeadAMP 4 Pro. Experience the future of sound today—your auditory odyssey begins now.

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