Warm Audio WA-47F Large-Diaphragm FET Condenser Microphone


Warm Audio WA-47JR FET Condenser Microphone - Black

Warm Audio WA-47JR LDC FET Condenser Microphone

Most coveted affordable '47 style transformerless microphone
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  • Compact FET condenser microphone inspired by classic sound
  • Custom true FET transformerless design for authentic richness
  • Large diaphragm condenser captures detailed and textured sound
  • Switchable high-pass filter for versatile recording scenarios
  • Ideal for vocals, instruments, podcasts, and more
  • Robust build quality for durability and reliability

Unveil Sonic Splendor: Warm Audio WA-47jr FET Condenser Microphone
Prepare to embark on a journey of sonic excellence with the Warm Audio WA-47jr FET Condenser Microphone. This compact powerhouse is a tribute to classic sound while embracing modern engineering, offering a rich, vibrant, and authentic recording experience. Whether you're capturing vocals, instruments, or podcasts, the WA-47jr elevates your audio to a new level of brilliance.

Classic Essence, Modern Ingenuity
Experience the essence of classic sound with the WA-47jr. Inspired by the iconic WA-47, this microphone captures the warmth and character that defined vintage recordings. With modern advancements, the WA-47jr ensures that your audio remains faithful while embracing contemporary convenience.

Captivating Sound, Compact Design
Equipped with a custom true FET transformerless design, the WA-47jr delivers captivating sound in a compact package. Its large diaphragm condenser design captures audio with finesse, creating recordings that are full, detailed, and rich in sonic texture.

Versatile Brilliance
The WA-47jr boasts a versatile nature that adapts to various recording scenarios. Its switchable high-pass filter ensures that your audio remains focused and free from unwanted rumble or ambient noise. This makes the WA-47jr ideal for capturing a wide range of sources with precision.

Solid Build, Immersive Sound
Crafted with robust components, the WA-47jr is built to last. Its solid construction ensures that your microphone remains reliable throughout countless recording sessions, allowing you to focus on your creative process.

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