ART P48 Fourty-Eight Point Balanced Patch Bay

Dbx PB-48 48-Point Patch Bay

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48-Point Patch Bay
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  • 48 channels of versatile audio connectivity
  • Durable 1/4" TRS connectors for reliable connections
  • Fully shielded channels to eliminate interference and crosstalk
  • Front and rear panel access for easy patching and management
  • Optimizes audio routing and connectivity in studios, live sound setups, and more
  • Streamlines signal paths and reduces cable clutter
  • Enhances efficiency and organization of audio setups
  • Ideal for musicians, producers, engineers, and audio professionals

Optimize Your Patchbay Setup with the dbx PB-48 Patchbay
Streamline your audio routing and connectivity with the dbx PB-48 Patchbay. Designed to enhance the efficiency and organization of your studio or live sound setup, the dbx PB-48 provides a reliable solution for managing your audio signal paths.

48 Channels of Versatile Connectivity
Featuring 48 channels, the dbx PB-48 offers ample connectivity options for your audio gear. Whether you're connecting instruments, outboard gear, effects processors, or other audio sources, this patchbay ensures easy access and routing to create a seamless audio workflow.

High-Quality Components for Transparent Audio
With its high-quality components, the dbx PB-48 maintains the transparency and integrity of your audio signals. Its durable 1/4" TRS connectors provide solid connections, while the fully shielded channels help eliminate interference and crosstalk, ensuring your signals remain clean and noise-free.

Front and Rear Panel Access for Convenience
The dbx PB-48 is designed for ease of use, offering both front and rear panel access. The front panel features easily accessible connections for quick patching and adjustments, while the rear panel provides a clear overview of your setup, making it easy to manage your connections.

Applications and Uses
Whether you're in a recording studio, live sound environment, or broadcasting setup, the dbx PB-48 Patchbay is an essential tool for optimizing your audio routing. It helps you keep your setup organized, reduces cable clutter, and allows you to quickly reconfigure your signal paths for different recording sessions, live performances, or projects.

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