Allen & Heath CQ-18T 16-Channel Digital Mixer


Allen & Heath QU-24C 30-In/24-Out Digital Mixer - Chrome Edition

Allen & Heath QU-16C Rackmountable Digital Mixer - Chrome Edition

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16 channel rack mount digital mixer, 16 Mic/Line + 3 stereo inputs, 100mm motorized faders, 12 mix outputs, 4 EFX Engines, onboard 18 track recording, built in 18ch USB I/O, built in dSNAKE
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  • Digital mixer with refined metal-finish controls for sophisticated style and performance
  • Automatic Mic Mixing for streamlined audio control in conferences and broadcast settings
  • Intuitive touchscreen provides access to channel strips, effects, and more
  • Motorized faders simplify settings recall
  • iPad compatibility for key mixer functions enhances control
  • Hosts a multitude of iLive effects emulations for versatile sound crafting
  • Spectrogram view aids in the rapid identification of feedback and problematic frequencies
  • USB interface for library data, scene storage, and multitrack recording
  • Powered by five high-speed dual-core ARM processors for exceptional performance

Unleash Sonic Mastery: Allen & Heath Qu-16 Chrome Edition Digital Mixer
Elevate your audio experiences with the Allen & Heath Qu-16 Chrome Edition digital mixer, a sophisticated and compact powerhouse inspired by the technology of the esteemed GLD and iLive digital mixing systems. Seamlessly blending live and studio functionalities, this rackmountable mixer sets new standards in audio precision and versatility. The Chrome Edition further refines the Qu-16 with 16 channels of automated mic mixing, an innovative spectrogram display, and enhanced monitor mixes.

Revolutionary Performance: Cutting-Edge Features
The Allen & Heath Qu-16 Chrome Edition is not just a digital mixer; it's a creative tool that transforms your audio journey. This 16-channel marvel boasts 14 mixes, a user-friendly touchscreen, motorized faders, and multitrack recording capabilities, among others. Elevate your control by seamlessly integrating your iPad, allowing you to take charge of essential functions such as monitor mixes, front of house control, and key settings. With its flexibility and power, the Qu-16 Chrome Edition adapts to your needs, whether you're in the studio or performing live.

Precision Engineering at Your Fingertips: Chrome Edition Advancements
The Chrome Edition raises the bar by introducing high-contrast, metallic-finished controls that exude both style and functionality. The addition of a spectrogram display facilitates quick identification of feedback and problematic frequencies, enhancing your sound quality with ease. The expansion of monitor mixes offers greater monitoring flexibility, catering to various audio setups and preferences. The Automatic Mic Mixer mode, catering to up to 16 microphone inputs, simplifies the management of audio balance for conferences, panel discussions, and TV productions.

Seamless Connectivity: Studio and Live Applications
Allen & Heath's Qu-16 Chrome Edition presents an array of connectivity options to adapt to your needs. With 16 TRS/XLR inputs, three TRS stereo inputs, 16 buses, and four stereo effects returns, this digital mixer offers remarkable flexibility. Benefit from its four onboard effects engines, AES digital output choices, direct-to-multitrack recording, and moving faders that simplify settings recall. Navigate effortlessly through its features via the large touchscreen, and extend control to your iPad for even more precision.

Capture Your Moments: Built-in Qu-Drive Recorder
Record your live shows and rehearsals effortlessly with the built-in Qu-Drive recorder. This integrated USB recorder facilitates recording and playback of up to 18 channels of 24-bit/48kHz audio directly to/from your USB hard drive. In studio settings, utilize the Qu-16 as a USB audio interface for seamless integration with your DAW.

Unleash Control: Qu-Pad iPad App
Take command of the Qu-16 digital mixer with the Qu-Pad iPad app, offering wireless control over your live mixing parameters. Move around the venue while fine-tuning the mix, adjusting EQ, and enhancing the sound experience. Create a personalized control panel on your iPad to tailor your control to the application.

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Color Black
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Channels 16 x 12
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