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Electro-Voice RE20 Broadcast Announcer Microphone with Variable-D (Black)

Electro-Voice RE20 "Classic" Variable-D Dynamic Cardioid Studio Microphone

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RE20 "Classic" Variable-D Dynamic Cardioid Studio Microphone
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  • Channel the iconic FM radio sound, embraced by broadcasters worldwide.
  • Experience a smooth, natural, and meticulously controlled sonic character.
  • Variable-D design minimizes proximity effect for versatility.
  • True cardioid performance, uncolored at 180-degrees off-axis.
  • Voice-tailored frequency response ensures optimal vocal capture.
  • Unleash studio condenser-like performance for pristine recordings.

RE20 Dynamic Cardioid Microphone: Your Path to Sonic Excellence
Discover the timeless appeal of the RE20 dynamic cardioid microphone - an unrivaled industry standard cherished by broadcasters and sound engineers globally. Its legendary reputation transcends boundaries, making it an esteemed choice not only for broadcasting but also a treasured asset in the realm of music production as a high-end instrument microphone. Unveil the features that elevate the RE20 to a class of its own, delivering captivating sound quality that defines excellence.

A Time-Honored Classic
Resonating with the essence of FM radio voices, the RE20 captures a classic sound that has become synonymous with top-tier broadcasting. Its smooth, natural, and meticulously controlled sonic character sets the stage for an unmatched audio experience that stands the test of time.

Crafted for Precision
The Variable-D design is the heart of the RE20's prowess, ensuring minimal proximity effect and effortless adaptability to various recording situations. This allows your creative voice to shine without being overshadowed by unwanted bass boost.

Unwavering Fidelity
Experience true cardioid performance that remains uncolored even at 180-degrees off-axis. The RE20's design keeps your audio true to its source, capturing every nuance and detail with unwavering fidelity.

Voice in Focus
Tailored with a voice-specific frequency response, the RE20 is finely tuned to elevate vocal performances to new heights. Its studio condenser-like performance ensures your voice is captured with the utmost precision and clarity.

Engineered Excellence
Embrace the power of a large diaphragm dynamic element that's expertly engineered to deliver exceptional sound quality. The internal element shock-mount minimizes vibration-induced noise, guaranteeing your recordings are as pure as your creativity.

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