Hosa CPR-203 Stereo Interconnect Cable - Dual 1/4-inch TS Male to Dual RCA Male - 9.9 foot


Hosa CSS-105R Balanced Interconnect Cable - 1/4-inch TRS Male to Right Angle 1/4-inch TRS Male - 5 foot

Hosa CRA-204 Stereo Interconnect, Dual RCA to Same, 4 m

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Hosa Stereo Interconnect, Dual RCA to Same, 4 m
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  • Dual RCA connectors for broad compatibility with stereo phono jacks
  • Nickel-plated plugs that ensure durability and efficient signal transmission
  • Oxygen-Free Copper conductors for superior audio clarity
  • OFC spiral shields that effectively reject EMI and RFI
  • 4-meter length for flexibility in various audio setups
  • Ideal for interconnecting consumer audio components, including home theaters, sound systems, and more
  • A part of Hosa's esteemed line of audio cables, designed for performance and affordability

Connecting Your Audio World
Introducing the Hosa CRA-204, a 4-meter stereo interconnect cable designed to bridge your gear with stereo phono jacks. Whether you're a home audio enthusiast or someone seeking a reliable connection between consumer audio components, the CRA-204 offers the perfect balance of quality and functionality.

Quality Construction for Uncompromised Performance
The Hosa CRA-204 is equipped with dual RCA connectors to ensure a seamless connection between your devices. Its nickel-plated plugs provide rugged durability and efficient signal transfer, making it ideal for various audio applications.

Oxygen-Free Copper Conductors: Clarity in Every Note
Constructed with Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) conductors, the CRA-204 is engineered to deliver enhanced signal clarity. Whether you're listening to your favorite music or watching a thrilling movie, this cable ensures that every note and detail is conveyed with precision.

Shielded Against Interference
In today's world filled with electronic devices, the risk of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio-frequency interference (RFI) is ever-present. The CRA-204's OFC spiral shields effectively reject EMI and RFI, providing a clear and uninterrupted audio experience.

Ideal for Consumer Audio Components
Designed specifically for interconnecting consumer audio components, the CRA-204 offers versatility and ease of use. Its 4-meter length provides the flexibility needed for various setups, making it a valuable addition to your home entertainment system.

Trusted by Audio Enthusiasts
Hosa's reputation as a leading provider of high-quality audio cables shines through in the CRA-204. Whether you're setting up a home theater or connecting a turntable, this cable is a trusted choice for those who value quality and reliability.


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