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dbx 520 De-Esser (500 Series Module)

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500 Series De-esser, with Adjustable 800Hz-8kHz Operation and LED Gain Reduction Meter
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  • De-esser module for 500 series racks, based on dbx's famous 902 de-esser module
  • Effectively reduces harsh sibilants in vocals, cymbals, and more
  • Wide and adjustable de-essing range from 800Hz to 8kHz
  • Allows for up to 20dB of gain reduction
  • Gain reduction metering for precise operation

Refine Vocal and High-Frequency Sounds with the dbx 520 De-Esser
The dbx 520 De-Esser is a 500 series module that brings the renowned de-essing capabilities of dbx to your rack setup. Designed to reduce harsh sibilants and high-frequency peaks in vocals, cymbals, and other audio sources, the dbx 520 allows for precise control over your sound.

Efficient De-Essing Technology
The dbx 520 is based on dbx's famous 902 de-esser module, which has been trusted by audio professionals for its ability to tame sibilant and harsh frequencies in recordings. With the dbx 520, you can effectively address problematic high-frequency content in your audio, resulting in a smoother and more polished sound.

Adjustable De-Essing Range
The module features a wide and adjustable de-essing range, spanning from 800Hz to 8kHz. This range covers the critical frequency bands often associated with sibilance and harshness. By dialing in the appropriate frequency range, you can precisely target the problematic frequencies in your audio signal.

Up to 20dB Gain Reduction
The dbx 520 De-Esser allows for substantial gain reduction, offering up to 20dB of attenuation for the sibilant frequencies. This powerful level of control ensures that even the most pronounced sibilants can be effectively managed.

Gain Reduction Metering
The module includes gain reduction metering, making it easy to monitor and adjust the level of de-essing being applied to your audio. This visual feedback helps you set up the de-esser accurately and ensures that you achieve the desired results.

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