Electro-Voice 635A/B "Classic" Dynamic OmniDirectional Interview Microphone (Black)

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"Classic" Dynamic OmniDirectional Interview Microphone - Black
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  • Omnidirectional polar pattern for comprehensive sound capture.
  • Dynamic element designed for live interviews and broadcasts.
  • Exceptional robustness and durability for long-lasting performance.
  • Linear frequency response delivers true-to-life sound reproduction.
  • Pop-free design eliminates unwanted pops and artifacts.
  • Four-stage pop and dust filter enhances audio quality.
  • Effective internal shock absorber minimizes handling noise.

Elevate Your Broadcasts with the Classic 635A Live Interview Microphone
Step into the realm of professional broadcasting with the timeless classic, the 635A live interview wired microphone. Renowned as the preeminent choice for Electronic News Gathering (ENG), this microphone stands as a true symbol of excellence in the world of broadcasting. Delivering exceptional sound quality, the 635A is affectionately referred to as "The Buchanan Hammer," a tribute to its Michigan roots and unwavering durability that withstands the test of time.

Unrivaled Sound Quality and Versatility
The 635A is your ultimate partner for capturing crisp and clear audio during live interviews, reports, and on-the-go broadcasting. Its omnidirectional polar pattern ensures that you capture the full spectrum of sound, making it an ideal choice for capturing diverse environments and interview scenarios. Whether you're in the heart of a bustling city or out in the field, this microphone delivers unmatched versatility and ensures your message is heard with utmost clarity.

Built to Endure, Crafted for Excellence
Known for its rugged durability, the 635A microphone has earned its reputation as a workhorse in the broadcasting industry. Its robust construction is designed to handle the rigors of demanding environments, ensuring it remains unfazed by the challenges of live reporting. With a linear frequency response and completely pop-free design, the 635A guarantees an authentic representation of your voice, free from distracting pops and unwanted artifacts.

Innovative Design for Seamless Performance
Equipped with a four-stage pop and dust filter, the 635A microphone takes your audio quality to the next level. This advanced feature minimizes unwanted noise and interference, allowing your voice to shine through with pristine clarity. Additionally, the effective internal shock absorber further ensures that mechanical vibrations and handling noise are virtually eliminated, resulting in professional-grade sound quality that captivates your audience.

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MPN 635A/B
Element Dynamic
UPC / EAN 800549419970
Brand Electro-Voice
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