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Sennheiser MZQ100 Microphone Stand Clip

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Flexible Quick Release Mic-Clip

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MZQ 100


  • Flexible, quick-release clamp for the e606, e609, e614, and e906 mics
  • Trusted by professional vocalists for secure microphone holding
  • Designed to allow easy adjustments during live performances
  • Ideal for both recording and live sound applications, offering reliable support

Secure Your Sound with the Sennheiser MZQ100 Microphone Clamp
Are you looking for a microphone clamp that you can trust to hold your mic securely? The Sennheiser MZQ100 Microphone Clamp is designed specifically for e606, e609, e614, and e906 microphones. It's a must-have accessory that ensures your mic stays right where you need it during a performance or recording session.

Quick Release for On-the-Fly Adjustments
The MZQ100 is more than just a clamp; it's a tool for flexible mic positioning. Its quick-release feature makes it easy to adjust the microphone's position on the fly. This flexibility is especially beneficial in live performance settings, where rapid changes and adjustments may be needed.

Professional Vocalists Choose the MZQ100
Professional vocalists and sound engineers appreciate the reliability and efficiency of the MZQ100 Microphone Clamp. Its solid construction and thoughtful design make it a favorite choice for those who demand the best from their equipment.

Your Partner in Performance
This clamp isn't just for holding your microphone; it's about ensuring your sound is captured precisely the way you want it. Whether you're a vocalist or a sound engineer, you can rely on the Sennheiser MZQ100 to keep your microphone secure during performances, allowing you to focus on delivering your best.

Versatility and Dependability in One Package
With compatibility for multiple microphone models, the MZQ100 offers versatility without sacrificing stability. Its sleek design and robust construction provide a dependable solution for anyone serious about their sound.

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