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ART C2 Cardiod FET Condenser Microphone

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ART C2 Cardiod FET Condenser Microphone
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  • Exceptional FET Design for Warm and Rich Sound
  • Silky Smooth Frequency Response for True Sonic Fidelity
  • Dual-Position Pad and High Pass Filter Switches for Precision Crafting
  • Cutting-Edge 34mm Gold Sputtered Diaphragm for Uncompromised Detail
  • Wide Dynamic Range with Minimal Noise Floor
  • Secure Cradle Mount and Sturdy Hard Case for Ultimate Protection

Unleash Studio-Quality Brilliance with the ART C2 Wide Diaphragm Condenser Microphone
Elevate your audio recordings to new heights of subtlety and clarity with the ART C2, a true marvel among compact side-address condenser microphones. Boasting an exceptional cardioid polar pattern enhanced by two-position pads and two-position low-frequency roll-off switches, the C2 stands as a versatile powerhouse tailored to meet your every recording need. Whether you're capturing soulful solo vocals or intricate instrumental performances, the C2's precision and finesse shine through, making it an indispensable asset for studio work.

Your Versatile Studio Partner: Unmatched Performance and Precision
When the spotlight is on, the ART C2 emerges as the ideal companion. Its cardioid pattern comes to life with superb feedback rejection and heightened isolation, making it the go-to choice for vocal applications and solo instruments. The C2's dynamic versatility extends to background brass, woodwinds, and even acoustic stringed instruments such as violin, viola, and cello. With a meticulously controlled proximity effect and full frequency response at the microphone's front, your recordings attain a level of authenticity that captures every nuance of your performance.

Precision Engineering, Flawless Execution
For vocalists seeking to infuse their voice with depth and fullness, the C2's proximity effect offers a valuable tool to achieve just that. Craft your sonic identity with confidence, knowing that the C2 effortlessly adapts to your microphone technique. The microphone's smart design is denoted by the cardioid symbol on the housing, guiding you to position it optimally for captivating results.

Unlock the doors to studio-grade audio excellence with the ART C2 wide diaphragm condenser microphone. Whether you're recording vocals that demand intimacy or capturing the intricate nuances of various instruments, the C2 delivers with finesse. From its superior design to its remarkable features, the C2 is the ultimate tool for sound artisans seeking an authentic audio journey. Redefine your recording experience and let your creativity flourish with the ART C2 – where precision meets performance in every note, every beat, and every word.

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