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Lewitt LCT 940 Tube Condenser Microphone

Large-diaphragm Tube/FET Condenser Mic with Dual Signal Paths, Nine Polar Patterns, Three Pre-attenuation Levels, Three Highpass Filters, and Remote Power Supply.
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LCT 940



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  • Tube and FET circuits that can be used individually or mixed
  • Revolutionary design challenging large-diaphragm mic norms
  • Continuously variable switching and merging of tube and FET sound
  • Nine polar patterns
  • Three levels of attenuation; three switchable highpass filters
  • Illuminated user interface and jog dials for ease of use in dark environments
  • Noiseless pushbuttons for quick attenuation and HPF selection
  • Clipping history and automatic attenuation for error-free recording

A Revolution in Microphone Technology
Lewitt's LCT 940 microphone is a game-changer for sound recording. Imagine having access to the iconic, warm sound of a classic tube condenser, combined with the striking detail of a state-of-the-art FET design, all in one microphone. The LCT 940 does exactly that, and more. It features separate tube and FET circuits that you can use individually or blend as per your requirements. With nine polar patterns, three levels of attenuation, three switchable highpass filters, and more, the Lewitt LCT 940 is a mic that undoubtedly belongs in every professional's toolkit.

Tube, FET, or Both?
Recording engineers often have their preferred list of tube and FET mics. However, setting up both on a source is time-consuming and costly. The Lewitt LCT 940 eliminates this dilemma with its dual-path design: it sports both tube and FET signal paths that can be accessed independently or mixed in a continuously variable fashion. This hybrid nature of the LCT 940 provides enormous sonic possibilities for your recordings.

Packed with Features
The LCT 940 is feature-rich. It offers nine polar patterns, including omni, broad cardioid, cardioid, supercardioid, figure-8, and four intermediate patterns. This array allows for precise control over the mic's pickup from a dial on the remote power supply. Furthermore, the power supply lets you control three pre-attenuation levels and three low-cut settings, making the LCT 940 ready for any recording session.

Versatility in Sound Capture
The Lewitt LCT 940 sounds incredible on any source: vocals, drum overheads, woodwinds, brass, piano, acoustic guitar - you name it. Its 6, 12, and 18dB pads make it perfect for capturing raging guitar cabinets and powerful kick drums. Its nine polar patterns even allow you to "focus" the mic on the source, reducing unwanted ambient noise. The LCT 940's versatility makes it a must-have for any professional setup.

Quality You Can Rely On
Since 2009, Lewitt microphones have found their way to some of the biggest stages and studios across Europe and America. Offering exceptional clarity, innovative technical solutions, and an accessible price point, these mics rival long-standing industry standards. Whether you need a mic for your next gig or recording session, Lewitt's offerings, such as the LCT 940, are an excellent choice.

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