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Lewitt S10 Conference Microphone, 10mm Shotgun (B-Stock)

Lewitt S10 Conference Microphone, 10mm Shotgun

Permanently Polarized Condenser Capsule with a Tailored Frequency Response to Provide High Speech Quality in Any Scenario
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  • Designed specifically for goosenecks
  • Boasts highly efficient off-axis rejection
  • High gain before feedback enhances speech clarity
  • Shotgun polar pattern for focused sound capture
  • 48 V phantom power compatible
  • Custom thread for easy connectivity
  • Frequency range: 65 … 16,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 50.5 mV/Pa, -25.9 dBV/Pa
  • Self-noise: 21.8 dB (A)
  • Max. SPL for 0.5 % THD: 107 dBSPL
  • Dynamic range: 85.2 dB (A)
  • Current consumption: 1.8 mA
  • Connector: Custom thread

The Ultimate Voice Clarifier: The S10 Condenser Capsule
Meet the S10, a permanently polarized condenser capsule from Lewitt, designed to elevate your auditory experiences. Offering a custom-tailored frequency response, the S10 promises high-quality speech reproduction under all circumstances. Its unique design and technology deliver a transparent, natural, and most importantly, intelligible voice reproduction, ensuring that your voice remains clear and focused at all times.

Engineered for Exceptional Sound Quality
The S10 condenser capsule stands out with its incredibly efficient off-axis rejection and high gain before feedback. Regardless of the room acoustics, your voice will stay in sharp focus, making the S10 an ideal solution for any audio capture situation. In addition, it's compatible with all Lewitt gooseneck microphones, extending its usability.

Precision and Clarity in Every Scenario
This condenser capsule is your go-to solution for enhanced speech intelligibility. Thanks to its shotgun polar pattern, the S10 ensures a direct sound focus and reduces background noise, allowing clear communication in any setting.

Where Can You Use the S10?
The S10 condenser capsule is ideal for various scenarios such as conferences, meetings, presentations, or any setting where clear voice reproduction is crucial. With its high gain before feedback and efficient off-axis rejection, it promises seamless audio performance irrespective of room dynamics.

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