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Lewitt MTP 40 MCs Mic Clip

Microphone clip for MTP Series. Compatible with 3/8" and 5/8" threads.
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MTP 40 MCs



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  • Snap-in design for quick and stable microphone fitting.
  • Compatible with both 3/8-inch and 5/8-inch threads, offering versatility.
  • Wide range of compatibility with various Lewitt handheld microphone models.

Secure Your Sound
In the realm of live sound and studio recording, having a microphone that's stable and precisely positioned is paramount. The Lewitt MTP 40 MCs is the perfect tool for this job, meticulously designed for Lewitt's array of handheld microphones.

Universal Compatibility
With its snap-in design, this mic clip seamlessly accommodates a wide range of Lewitt's renowned handheld microphones. Whether you're rocking out on stage or capturing pristine studio vocals, the MTP 40 MCs ensures your mic stays put.

Thread Adaptability
Microphone stands come in various thread sizes, but with the MTP 40 MCs, you're always covered. Whether it's a 3/8-inch or a 5/8-inch thread, this mic clip fits effortlessly.

Broad Spectrum of Fits
Ensuring you've got the right clip for your microphone model is vital. This mic clip is perfectly compatible with:

  • MTP 940 CM
  • MTP 840 DM
  • MTP 550 DM
  • MTP 440 DM
  • MTP 350 CM
  • MTP 250 DM
  • LCT 040 Match Stereo Pair
  • LCT 140 Air
  • LCT 040 Match
  • LCT 140 Air Stereo Pair

Upgrade your microphone setup with the Lewitt MTP 40 MCs mic clip. Your sound deserves the stability and precision it offers.

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