Lewitt Shock Mount XL for Lewitt Pure Tube Microphone


Lewitt LCT 40 SH Shockmount - White

Lewitt LCT 40 SH Shockmount - Black

Microphone Shockmount for Lewit LCT 240 Pro, LCT, 440 Pure, and LCT 441 Flex, with 3/8-inch and 5/8-inch Compatibility - Black
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All products manufactured by LEWITT GmbH feature a limited two-year warranty. This two-year warranty is specific to the date of purchase as shown on the original purchase receipt.


  • Designed to minimize noise, shock, and vibration for clear recordings
  • Quick and straightforward screw-thread setup mechanism
  • Suitable for both 3/8-inch and 5/8-inch thread microphones
  • Perfect fit for LCT 240 Pro, LCT 440 Pure, and LCT 441 Flex microphones

Achieve Studio Perfection with Lewitt Shockmount
Every recording professional knows that stability is key when you're trying to nail the perfect take. A wobbling or vibrating mic can ruin what would otherwise be a flawless recording. That's where the Lewitt shockmount comes into play, ensuring that your recording remains pristine, without any stray noise or vibrations.

Prioritize Stability for Flawless Takes
Crafted meticulously, this Lewitt shockmount is the quintessential accessory to provide the utmost attenuation from any stray noises, shocks, or potential vibrations. It's your shield against the unexpected.

Hassle-Free Setup for Professionals
In a studio setting, time is of the essence. The Lewitt shockmount, with its screw-thread design, promises a swift and seamless setup, letting you concentrate on what's most important - your recording.

Versatile Compatibility for Varied Use
Whether you're using a 3/8-inch thread or a 5/8-inch thread, this shockmount offers broad compatibility, ensuring that it fits perfectly with your studio setup. It's especially optimized for Lewitt’s LCT 240 Pro, LCT 440 Pure, and LCT 441 Flex, making it an indispensable accessory for users of these microphones.

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