ART Pro MPA II 2-channel Tube Microphone Preamp

ART PROCHANNELII Next Generation Pro Channel - Tube Mic Preamplifier

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Tube mic preamplifier, optical compressor, parametric EQ 2U
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  • Fully Featured Discrete Class "A" Tube Microphone Preamplifier
  • Front Panel 1/4" High Z Input for Effortless Connectivity
  • Selectable Plate Voltage for Customizable Tone
  • Musical-Sounding Optical Compressor for Subtle Dynamics Control
  • Individual Attack and Release Controls with Auto/Manual Switch
  • Semi-Parametric EQ for Fine-Tuning Your Sound Aesthetic
  • Large VU and LED Meters for Precise Level Indication
  • Multi-Section Clip Monitor for In-Depth Monitoring
  • LED Selectable Source Switches for Custom Signal Monitoring
  • Two Insert Loops with +4/-10 dB Switch for Optimal Signal Levels
  • Toroidal Power Transformer for Noise-Free Performance

Unveil Audio Brilliance: ART Pro Channel II™ - Elevate Your Sound Experience
Prepare to embark on an unparalleled auditory journey with the ART Pro Channel II™. This second-generation wonder harnesses the power of a discrete Class-A microphone preamp, offering a pristine and noise-free gain that preserves the essence of your sound with remarkable transparency. Whether you're in the studio or on the stage, the ART Pro Channel II™ stands as your ultimate sonic companion.

The Power of Clarity: Discrete Class-A Microphone Preamp
The heart of the ART Pro Channel II™ lies in its cutting-edge second-generation discrete Class-A microphone preamp. Elevate your audio to new heights as this preamp delivers clean, quiet gain, allowing your source to shine with unrivaled clarity. Your vocals, instruments, and every sound in between will radiate authenticity, ensuring your artistic expression remains intact.

Craftsmanship Meets Versatility: Multi-Faceted Dynamics Processor
Step into a realm of dynamic control like never before. The ART Pro Channel II™ boasts a robust dynamics processor, expertly taming transients and noise from even the most demanding sources. Harness the power of the smooth and musical-sounding optical compressor, perfectly tailored to enhance your sonic canvas while maintaining the integrity of your sound. With separate Attack and Release controls and an Auto/Manual Attack/Release switch, you command a symphony of control over your audio landscape.

Sculpt Your Sound: Semi-Parametric EQ
Precision is at your fingertips with the semi-parametric EQ of the ART Pro Channel II™. Experience the freedom to fine-tune your sonic masterpiece with wide-ranging tune-ability. Seamlessly patch the EQ before or after the dynamics processor to sculpt your sound with artistic precision. The possibilities are limitless as you shape frequencies to perfection.

Unveil the Possibilities: Applications and Potential Uses
The ART Pro Channel II™ is your gateway to a realm of creative possibilities. Ideal for both studio and stage, it empowers vocalists, musicians, and sound engineers alike to achieve sonic excellence. From capturing pristine recordings to enhancing live performances, this masterpiece is your key to unlocking a world of auditory brilliance.

Elevate your sound to unprecedented heights with the ART Pro Channel II™. Unleash your potential, sculpt your sonic masterpiece, and redefine what's possible in the world of audio. Elevate your artistry and seize control of your sound like never before.

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