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ART TRANSY Two Channel Discrete F.E.T. Compressor / Limiter

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Two Channel Discrete Transistor Fet Based Compressor/Limiter
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  • Discrete transistor audio path with minimal THD delivers stunningly detailed sound.
  • An innovative FET gain reduction system offers unmatched control.
  • Ensure reliable, repeatable results for seamless sonic sculpting.
  • Tame sibilance while compressing vocals for crystal-clear recordings.
  • Separate input and output jacks offer enhanced control.
  • 10-segment meter monitors input or output levels.
  • Minimizes ground noise, maintains level, and offers balanced/unbalanced connections.
  • Synchronize controls for a harmonious stereo experience.

Unleash Studio Brilliance with TransY Compressor/Limiter: Elevate Your Sound with Precision and Flexibility
Introducing the TransY Compressor/Limiter, a true gem in the world of audio processing. Crafted with meticulous precision and cutting-edge design, the TransY brings forth a stunning blend of low noise transistor audio path and Field Effect Transistor control, producing an unparalleled level of sonic detail and control. Elevate your recordings, whether live performances or studio masterpieces, with the TransY's exceptional capabilities.

Transcending Limits: Unveiling Sonic Excellence
The TransY's discrete, low noise transistor audio path boasts a Field Effect Transistor for unparalleled level control. Witness an immersive sonic experience where every nuance shines through. The unique feed-forward detector topology and servo FET drive circuitry empower you with newfound flexibility and tonal richness. With the TransY, you're not just in control – you're in command of your sound's destiny, from smooth subtlety to rich, sustaining power.

Adaptability Redefined: A Swiss Army Knife of Sound
From the moment sound enters its active balanced input to its transformer-coupled output, the TransY leaves a trail of sonic magic. Seamlessly adaptable to various applications, its +4/-10 level switch ensures compatibility with diverse equipment. Front panel controls offer a world of adjustment possibilities, guaranteeing a musical outcome every time. The TransY's universal power supply, accommodating line voltages worldwide, ensures uninterrupted creativity, even while touring or utilizing portable power sources.

Unleash Your Artistry: Your Sonic Secret Weapon
Unveil the TransY's prowess as your sonic ally – from live performances that captivate audiences to recording and mastering sessions that define perfection. This versatile powerhouse effortlessly handles any sonic challenge, delivering professional results that astound. Elevate your unique sound, sculpt textures, and set the stage for sonic brilliance – the TransY is your gateway to mastering your sonic universe.

Specifications: Precision at Your Fingertips

  • Equivalent Input Noise: -90dBu / -102dBu "C" wtd. (+4/-10)
  • Input Impedance: Balanced Input: 33kΩ, Detector Input: 2M Ω
  • Output Impedance: Balanced, +4/-10: 110 Ω, Detector Output: 270 Ω
  • Maximum Input Level: Balanced, +4/-10: +21dBu / +9dBu, Detector Input: +20dBu
  • Maximum Output Level: Balanced, +4/-10: +21dBu / +9dBu, Detector: +20dBu
  • Frequency Response: 15-100kHz (+/- 0.5dB)
  • De-Esser: 0 to -16dB @6kHz
  • Attack Time: 0.5 mSec. to 100 mSec.
  • Release Time: 50mSec. to 3 Sec.
  • Slope: 1.2:1 to ∞:1, selectable in 12 steps
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.05% (typical) 20-20kHz
  • C.M.R.R.: 80dB typ.
  • Power Requirements: Input: 85 to 250 VAC / 50-60 Hz, Output: 48 V dc, 10 Watts
  • Chassis: Steel, Painted finish
  • Dimensions: 1.75″H x 19″W x 9.5″D (44mm x 483mm x 241mm)
  • Weight: 7.95 lbs (3.62 kg)

Elevate your sonic mastery with the TransY Compressor/Limiter, a precision-crafted tool that shapes soundscapes with finesse. Whether you're a live performer seeking commanding control or a studio artist chasing tonal perfection, the TransY stands as your muse. Dive into a world of audio excellence, where clarity, flexibility, and sonic brilliance converge to unlock your ultimate sonic potential. Embrace the future of audio with the TransY and embark on a journey of sonic exploration that captivates hearts and minds.

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