ART DTI Dual Transformer and Isolator

ART T8 8-channel Hum Eliminator / Isolation Rack

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8-channel Transformer/Isolator
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  • Innovative passive design with 8 transformers for superior hum and noise reduction.
  • Impeccable audio transformers with wide frequency response and high signal handling.
  • Balanced XLR, 1/4" phone, and RCA phono connections on all inputs and outputs.
  • Reversible mounting ears for tailored cabling setups.
  • Versatile applications in live sound, permanent installations, DJ setups, and more.
  • Rugged all-steel construction guarantees years of trouble-free service.

Introducing the T8 (Transformer Eight) Passive Audio Interface: Elevate Your Sound Quality and Eliminate Noise Disturbances
Are you tired of dealing with unwanted hum and ground-loop noise in your audio setup? Look no further than the T8 (Transformer Eight) – a high-quality, totally passive audio interface that is engineered to transform your sound experience. The T8 boasts a remarkable design that employs eight cutting-edge transformers, effectively isolating input and output signal grounds. This innovative approach results in a pristine audio signal, free from the interference that plagues lesser interfaces.

Unparalleled Sound Purity with Advanced Audio Transformers
The heart of the T8's exceptional performance lies in its state-of-the-art audio transformers. Crafted to deliver a flat and expansive frequency response, these transformers effortlessly handle high signal levels while maintaining a meticulously balanced output. This equates to a remarkably clean and neutral sound that beautifully complements a wide array of signal sources. From musical instruments to professional audio equipment, the T8 ensures that every nuance of your audio is faithfully preserved.

Versatile Connections for Seamless Integration
Setting the T8 apart from the competition is its unmatched connection versatility. This audio interface comes equipped with balanced XLR, 1/4" phone, and RCA phono connections, all conveniently accessible on both inputs and outputs. This means that no matter your audio setup, the T8 seamlessly integrates, serving as a crucial link between various systems. Whether you're establishing a bridge between your computer-based audio workstation and monitor system or seeking to isolate multiple signal sources, the T8 excels in accommodating your unique needs.

Tailored Flexibility to Fit Your Setup
Adaptability is at the core of the T8's design philosophy. Its reversible mounting ears offer the freedom to position XLRs on the front or opt for 1/4" and RCA phono jacks at the forefront. This ingenious feature maximizes cabling flexibility, allowing you to tailor your setup precisely to your requirements. Whether you're a live sound engineer, a DJ, or embarking on a permanent installation, the T8 emerges as the definitive choice, offering peace of mind through its robust construction and uncompromising specifications.

Applications Beyond Boundaries: Your Sound, Perfected
Unlock the potential of your sound system with the T8. Seamlessly bridge the gap between audio systems, eliminate noise disturbances during long cable runs, and establish a secure connection between multiple sources and your recording equipment. Whether you're orchestrating a live performance, setting up a fixed installation, or overseeing a PA system, the T8 effortlessly adapts to elevate your audio experience. Its single high, all-steel 19" case ensures enduring reliability, making the T8 an indispensable tool for professionals across various audio applications.

Discover the T8 (Transformer Eight) and experience audio clarity like never before. Elevate your sound quality, eliminate unwanted noise, and unleash the true potential of your audio setup. With its cutting-edge features and unrivaled versatility, the T8 stands ready to redefine your audio journey. Embrace the future of sound – embrace the T8.

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