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ADJ DMX Operator Pro Lighting Control Console

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136-Channel, 16-Fixture DMX Lighting Controller
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  • Hybrid controller designed for both moving and traditional lights
  • Controls up to 8 moving lights and 8 par can lights with a total of 136 DMX channels
  • Backup capability via optional 32MB Flash Card
  • 14 quick-access scene buttons for instant control
  • Built-in joystick for Pan and Tilt operations of moving lights
  • Fog machine trigger for added atmosphere
  • Supports up to 96 programmable scenes and 8 programmable chases for moving lights, plus an additional 96 scenes and 6 chases for par can lights
  • Optional 32MB Flash Card for storing programmed scenes and chases
  • Fog machine trigger button adds extra ambiance to your event

Master Your Light Show with the American DJ DMX Operator Pro
Take your DJ sets, nightclubs, or touring applications to a whole new level with the American DJ DMX Operator Pro Lighting Control Console. This state-of-the-art hybrid controller empowers you to command both moving head fixtures and traditional par can lighting with precision and ease.

Harness the Power of 136 DMX Channels
The DMX Operator Pro offers a robust 136 DMX control channels, giving you unparalleled control over your lighting setup. It allows you to manage up to 8 moving lights with up to 16 channels each, maximizing your creative possibilities.

Programmable Scenes and Chases to Make Your Vision a Reality
Get ready to dazzle your audience by programming up to 96 scenes for moving lights and an additional 96 for par can lights. You can also record up to 8 programmable chases for moving lights and 6 for traditional lights, delivering a dynamic and captivating light show every time.

Never Lose Your Settings with Backup Features
Worried about losing your carefully curated scenes? With the optional 32MB Flash Card, you can back up all your settings, scenes, and chases, ensuring your creative vision remains intact from one gig to the next.

Intuitive Controls for Immediate Access and Smooth Operation
The DMX Operator Pro features 14 quick-access scene buttons, with 8 dedicated to moving lights and 6 to par can lights. Additionally, a built-in joystick enables smooth Pan and Tilt control over your moving lights, and a fog machine trigger button adds that extra flair to your event.

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