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ADJ Scene Setter 48 - 48 Channel DMX Dimming Console

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48 Channel DMX Dimming Console
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  • 48 Channels DMX for immersive control
  • Effortless Programmability, akin to the Scene Setter 24ch
  • 96 recordable programs hosting 4200 scenes
  • 24 x 4 pages for a staggering 96 total scenes
  • MIDI In/Out Through for expanded versatility
  • Standard 2 scene operation (2 x 24)
  • USITT DMX 512 Standard Protocol with 3-pin XLR
  • Fade and Speed Control for precise execution
  • Independent fog output button for Vaporizer, Stallion, MB-700 & MB-1000
  • Blind Function to dynamically override chases on the fly
  • Sound active via built-in Microphone or line-in for rhythmic harmony
  • Mix Chases to craft seamless transitions
  • Dark and Blackout buttons for added control
  • Designed for synergy with DP-DMX20, DP-DMX20L, or DP-DMX620
  • Optional Foot controller for Dark or Full-on command

Elevate Your Light Show with ADJ Scene Setter 48 Channel Dimming Console

Unleash, Command, Mesmerize
ADJ presents the Scene Setter, a game-changing 48 Channel Dimming Console engineered to empower you in seamlessly managing the levels of your mesmerizing conventional light entertainment system. With a plethora of built-in reprogrammable scenes and chases, this console becomes your palette to craft, shape, and conduct your light show. Be it your home DJ setup, the pulsating club, the energetic bar scene, or the grand professional stage, this portable control system is the gateway to unlocking a new dimension of visual artistry.

Illuminate, Harmonize, Triumph
Welcome to the next level of light artistry with ADJ's Scene Setter. This 48 channel dimming console is your key to orchestrating a light show that transcends expectations. Seamlessly melding audio and visual elements, the Scene Setter synchronizes your music, lights, and fog machines, while also granting the precision to individually tweak each light through its 48 adjustable fade bars.

Unleash Creativity, Secure Your Brilliance
Equipped with 4200 programmable scenes and 48 programmable chases (all securely password protected), you have the creative playground to shape your distinctive masterpiece. With the capability to run 12 simultaneous chases, your vision comes to life with seamless transitions. Whether you desire the exact dimming effect through percentage control or the finesse of DMX value adjustment, the bright LCD display and lightweight design make installation and operation hassle-free.

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