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AKG Drumset Session 1 High-Performance Drum Microphone Set

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7-pc Session Drum Microphone Kit with P2 Bass Drum Mic, 4 P4 Snare/Tom Mics, 2 P17 Overhead Mics, Adapter Plates, and Aluminum Carry Case
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  • Seven microphones and accessories capture your drum set's every beat with unparalleled accuracy.
  • Extend beyond drums – perfect for miking percussion, amps, brass, woodwinds, and more.
  • Durable metal casing, spring steel grill, and scratch-resistant finish ensure longevity.
  • Ideal for live shows, studio recordings, and jam sessions, adapting to your artistic needs.
  • P2 bass drum microphone, P17 overheads, and P4 for toms and snare provide a versatile tonal range.

Unleash the Rhythm: Drum Set Session I Microphone Set
Get ready to ignite your drumming sessions with the Drum Set Session I Microphone Set – your ultimate all-in-one starter kit for capturing the heartbeat of your music. Packed with seven high-performance microphones and essential accessories, this powerhouse package delivers an unmatched blend of performance and value. Crafted to elevate your drumming experience, the Drum Set Session I is a versatile toolkit that extends its prowess beyond drums, making it an ideal choice for miking percussion, bass and guitar amps, brass, woodwinds, and more.

Complete Capture, Impressive Value
Experience the thrill of a complete drum set captured with pristine precision. The Drum Set Session I equips you with all the essentials, elegantly packaged in a durable aluminum carrying case. Inside, you'll find a symphony of seven microphones from the Perception Live series, meticulously designed to unleash your drumming potential. Each microphone boasts a rugged metal casing, a resilient spring steel microphone grill, and a scratch-resistant finish that can withstand the rigors of your rhythmic journey.

Versatility Redefined
Your rhythm knows no bounds, and neither should your microphone set. The Drum Set Session I doesn't just elevate drumming – it transforms into a versatile maestro, ready to harmonize with diverse instruments. From the thunderous bass drum to the delicate strums of guitar amps, the set's dynamic microphones are tailored to capture every sonic nuance. Whether you're amplifying brass brilliance or woodwind wonders, the Drum Set Session I is your ticket to versatile expression.

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