AKG K553 MKII Closed-Back Studio Headphones (Black)


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AKG K72 Closed-Back Studio Headphones

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Closed-Back Circumaural Headphones with 40mm Drivers, 1/8" Steel Plug, and 1/4" Steel Screw-on Adapter
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  • Unleash studio-grade audio quality with dynamic 40mm drivers that capture the essence of your sound.
  • Perfect for studio recording and monitoring applications, the closed-back design enhances sound isolation and minimizes external interference.
  • Experience audio clarity like never before with a precisely balanced frequency response spanning from 16Hz to 20 kHz.
  • The self-adjusting headband ensures an ergonomic fit, optimizing comfort during extended listening sessions.
  • Seamlessly connect to a range of devices with a 3.5mm (1/8-inch) plug and a 6.3mm (1/4") adapter, making these headphones an ideal choice for various audio setups.
  • The generous 3-meter cable provides ample room for movement, allowing you to navigate your creative space without constraints.

Unveil Sonic Excellence: AKG Professional Studio Headphones

Elevate Your Sound Experience
Introducing the AKG Professional Studio Headphones, meticulously engineered to set the gold standard in audio precision. Crafted for discerning professionals, these headphones redefine your studio recording and monitoring applications with exceptional clarity and unmatched detail. Equipped with powerful 40mm drivers, these headphones effortlessly capture every nuance of your sound, delivering a truly immersive auditory experience that resonates with producers, musicians, and audiophiles alike.

Precision in Every Note
Designed to unravel the full spectrum of sound, these headphones boast a precisely balanced frequency response from 16Hz to 20 kHz. Whether you're fine-tuning a mix, recording vocals, or delving into intricate musical arrangements, rest assured that these headphones faithfully reproduce your audio with unparalleled accuracy, empowering you to make critical decisions with confidence.

Tailored Comfort and Reliability
The self-adjusting headband ensures a personalized fit, adapting to your head shape for extended comfort during those marathon studio sessions. The closed-back design not only enhances isolation for impeccable sound monitoring but also ensures your creativity remains undisturbed, while the 32 Ohms impedance ensures compatibility with a wide array of devices.

Unleash Your Creativity
Designed to cater to the unique demands of studio professionals, these headphones are your steadfast companion on your creative journey. Whether you're capturing the soul of your music or meticulously refining your mix, the AKG Professional Studio Headphones are poised to elevate your craft to unparalleled heights, ensuring that every sonic detail remains intact. Embrace precision, comfort, and reliability – redefine your auditory experience today.

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