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Zoom AD-16 9v 500mA Power Supply

Zoom AD-14 AC Power Supply for Zoom H4n Pro / Q3 / Q3HD / R16 / R24

Power Adapter for Zoom H4n Portable Recorder and Q3 Audio/Video Recorder
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  • The AD14 power supply works with Zoom H4n and Q3 recorders.
  • Delivers steady 1.0A output for seamless recording.
  • Precise sleeve/tip design ensures easy setup.

Revitalize Your Recording Setup: Zoom AD14 AC Power Supply
Power up your creativity with the Zoom AD14 AC Power Supply, tailor-made for the Zoom H4n portable recorder and Q3 portable audio/video recorder. Unleash your recording potential and ensure uninterrupted sessions with this essential accessory that brings reliability and energy to your setup.

Reliable Power Solution: Uninterrupted Creative Flow
Say goodbye to power-related interruptions during your recording endeavors. The Zoom AD14 AC Power Supply serves as a steadfast energy source, offering consistent and reliable power to your Zoom H4n portable recorder and Q3 portable audio/video recorder. With the AD14 by your side, you can focus solely on your craft, free from the worry of running out of power at critical moments.

Tech Specs at a Glance: Empowering Your Recording Experience

  • Input Voltage Range: Seamlessly adaptable to global power standards, the AD14 effortlessly accommodates input voltages ranging from 100V to 240V, while smoothly transitioning between 50Hz and 60Hz frequencies. This versatility ensures your recording endeavors remain unhindered, whether you're in your home studio or exploring creative landscapes around the world.
  • Output Amps: Delivering a robust 1.0A of output current, the AD14 ensures your Zoom H4n and Q3 devices receive the optimal power supply required for consistent performance. This ensures your equipment operates at its peak potential, capturing every nuance of your audio and video creations.
  • Output Voltage: With a precise output voltage of 5V, the AD14 power supply guarantees a stable and dependable energy flow to your recording gear. This reliability translates to peace of mind, allowing you to focus solely on crafting exceptional content without disruptions.
  • Sleeve/Tip Configuration: The AD14 features a thoughtfully engineered sleeve/tip configuration for effortless connectivity. The positive tip and negative sleeve design ensures a secure and efficient power connection, eliminating guesswork and simplifying your recording setup.
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