Sennheiser ew 100 G4-835-S-A1 Wireless vocal set

Sennheiser EW 100 G4-835-S Wireless Handheld Microphone System - A Band

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Evolution G4 Wireless 100 Series System with SKM 100 G4-835-S Handheld Microphone with Transmitter, and EM 100 G4 Rackmountable Receiver - A Band (516-558MHz)
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ew 100 G4-835-S-A


  • Rugged aluminum construction for stage-ready durability
  • e835 capsule for warm sound, feedback rejection, and superior handling
  • Mute switch to eliminate unwanted noise
  • Vast frequency selection within a 42MHz bandwidth for tuning flexibility
  • Up to 12 compatible frequencies for enhanced connection
  • True diversity reception for high-quality sound
  • RF interference prevention and automatic frequency scan
  • Increased audio sensitivity and wireless synchronization via infrared
  • User-friendly controls with LCD display and Auto-Lock function
  • Crystal-clear HDX compander sound and easy-exchangeable microphone modules
  • Integrated Equalizer, Soundcheck mode, and battery indication
  • Rechargeable in-transmitter accupack
  • 330-foot transmission range and 8-hour operation time
  • Compatibility with previous evolution G1, G2, and G3 systems

Take the Stage with Confidence: Introducing the Sennheiser ew 135 G4
Great vocals demand equally exceptional technology, and that's where the Sennheiser ew 135 G4 wireless system shines. Designed for artists and speakers, the ew 135 G4's SKM 100 G4-S handheld transmitter captures the vocals and eliminates feedback, providing crisp and clear sound. With this system, the stage truly becomes yours, no matter the size or location.

Premium Sound Quality: Discover the Power of the e835 Capsule
At the core of the ew 135 G4 system is the e835 capsule, delivering a warm, smooth sound that's music to your ears. Superior feedback rejection and unmatched SPL handling set it apart from others. With balanced frequency response and resistance to handling noise, it ensures that your vocal performance or presentation resonates with brilliance.

Effortless Control: Mute Switch and Infrared Sync Function
Sennheiser's innovation shines through the SKM 100 G4-S handheld transmitter. It's equipped with a mute switch that keeps unwanted sounds at bay and an infrared sync function that effortlessly tunes it to the EM 100 G4 receiver. It's all about giving you control without complications.

Flexibility and Compatibility: Ready for Any Challenge
The ew 135 G4 offers 1,680 tunable UHF frequencies across a 42MHz bandwidth, ensuring interference-free reception. Plus, its backward compatibility with previous evolution systems means your existing investment continues to serve you well. You can even link up to 12 receivers for a simultaneous setup, offering immense flexibility on and off stage.

Designed for the Road: Rugged Construction Meets Longevity
Made to withstand the rigorous demands of stage use, the ew 135 G4 boasts a rugged aluminum housing that's prepared for anything. You'll also benefit from up to 330 feet of transmission range and 8 hours of operation time. This is a system that keeps up with you, show after show.

Applications and Potential Uses: More than Just a Microphone
Whether you're a musician, a public speaker, or a live broadcaster, the Sennheiser ew 135 G4 caters to various professional needs. Its advanced technology, used on concert stages globally, makes it an excellent choice for large-scale events. If quality sound support without the hassle is what you seek, this system is your answer.

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