Sennheiser EW 100 G4-835-S Wireless Handheld Microphone System - A Band


Sennheiser EW 100 G4-835-S Wireless Handheld Microphone System with MMD 835 Capsule (G: 566 to 608 MHz)

Sennheiser ew 100 G4-835-S-A1 Wireless vocal set

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Evolution G4 Wireless 100 Series System with SKM 100 G4-835-S Handheld Microphone with Transmitter, and EM 100 G4 Rackmountable Receiver - A1 Band (470-516MHz)
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ew 100 G4-835-S-A1


  • Durable aluminum housing for dependable stage use
  • e835 capsule for smooth sound and excellent handling
  • Mute functionality for noise elimination
  • Broad range of frequencies within a 42MHz bandwidth
  • Up to 12 compatible frequencies in the enhanced frequency bank system
  • True diversity reception for high-quality audio
  • Pilot tone squelch to prevent RF interference
  • Automatic frequency scanning and enhanced AF frequency range
  • Improved audio sensitivity and wireless synchronization
  • User-friendly menu with high-contrast LCD and blue sync LED
  • Auto-Lock function for secure settings
  • HDX compander technology for transparent sound
  • Four-step battery indication on both transmitter and receiver
  • Easy-to-exchange microphone modules from the evolution series
  • Equalizer and Soundcheck modes
  • Convenient in-transmitter recharging contacts
  • 330-foot transmission range with 8-hour operating time
  • Compatibility with evolution G1, G2, and G3 systems

Unleash Your Voice: Sennheiser's ew 135 G4 Takes Center Stage
Captivating vocals are now within your reach with the Sennheiser ew 135 G4 wireless system. With its SKM 100 G4-S handheld transmitter's tight cardioid pattern, the ew 135 G4 ensures that your voice stands out by eliminating any feedback. The stage is yours, no matter how big or small. When it comes to professional sound support, the ew 135 G4 is a game-changer, offering a world-class performance at an unbeatable price.

Designed for Excellence: e835 Capsule for Superior Sound Quality
The ew 135 G4 boasts the versatile e835 capsule, renowned for its warm, smooth sound. With unmatched feedback rejection, SPL handling, and a balanced frequency response, this capsule creates a powerful audio experience. Its resistance to handling noise further adds to its appeal, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications.

Control at Your Fingertips: Infrared Sync and Mute Functionality
Efficiency and simplicity define the SKM 100 G4-S handheld transmitter. The easy-to-use infrared sync function tunes it to the EM 100 G4 receiver at the push of a button, while the mute switch allows you to eliminate unwanted noise effortlessly. Control has never been so intuitive.

Expand Your Horizons: Versatility for Every Performer
From its impressive 1,680 tunable UHF frequencies across a 42MHz bandwidth to its ability to link up to 12 receivers for simultaneous setup, the ew 135 G4 offers unparalleled flexibility. With a generous 330-foot transmission range and up to 8 hours of operation, this system is ready to adapt to your every need.

Secure Your Investment: Backward Compatibility Ensures Longevity
One of the unique attributes of the ew 135 G4 is its backward compatibility with previous evolution systems. This thoughtful feature ensures that your past investments continue to reward you into the future. It's a testament to Sennheiser's commitment to providing long-lasting solutions for its users.

Sennheiser's Promise: Pro Performance for Various Applications
Whether you're a seasoned musician, a passionate speaker, or a live event organizer, the ew 135 G4 is tailored to meet your needs. This system has become the choice of professionals on concert stages around the globe. If quality sound without any hassle is what you're after, the ew 135 G4 will not disappoint.

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