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JBL 306PMKII Powered 6" Two-Way Studio Monitor

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Powered 6" Two-Way Studio Monitor
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  • Delivers detailed imaging and an expansive, room-friendly sweet spot for an immersive listening experience.
  • Optimized transient response and improved linearity ensure unparalleled audio reproduction.
  • Compensate for low-frequency anomalies introduced by your workspace, preserving audio accuracy.
  • Unveils astonishing detail, precise imaging, and an impressive dynamic range for critical listening.
  • Seamlessly blends patented technologies with a contemporary aesthetic, enhancing any studio environment.
  • Derived from patented technologies found in the prestigious JBL 7 Series and M2 Master Reference Monitors.
  • Elevate your studio sound without compromising on quality, providing exceptional value.

Elevate Your Studio Experience with the JBL 306P MkII Powered Studio Monitor

Legendary Performance, Accessible to All Studios
Experience the pinnacle of studio audio with the next-generation JBL 306P MkII powered studio monitor. Designed to bring legendary JBL performance within reach, this monitor is a game-changer for every studio enthusiast. Elevate your auditory journey with groundbreaking technologies, including the revolutionary JBL Image Control Waveguide and refined transducers. The JBL 306P MkII unveils astonishing detail, precise imaging, an expansive sweet spot, and an impressive dynamic range, empowering your critical listening capabilities within the confines of any modern workspace.

Precision Perfected: Unveiling the JBL Image Control Waveguide
Embark on an auditory adventure that redefines your perception of sound. The patented JBL Image Control Waveguide bestows intricate imaging and an all-encompassing room-friendly sweet spot, enveloping you in a sonic panorama that's both breathtaking and immersive. With the JBL 306P MkII, your mixes transcend the confines of the studio, reaching new heights of audio fidelity.

Unleash the Next Generation of Sound: JBL Transducers
The JBL 306P MkII harnesses the power of next-generation JBL transducers to optimize transient response and elevate linearity. Every sonic detail is meticulously reproduced, ensuring that you capture the essence of your audio creations with unparalleled accuracy. Experience a soundscape that's true to your artistic vision, whether you're composing, mixing, or simply indulging in your favorite tracks.

Tailored Soundscapes: New Boundary EQ Settings
Immerse yourself in audio precision, unaffected by environmental variables. The JBL 306P MkII introduces new Boundary EQ settings that compensate for low-frequency variants introduced by your workspace, ensuring a consistent and accurate listening experience. Craft your audio with confidence, knowing that your monitor adapts effortlessly to its surroundings.

Embrace Excellence at an Accessible Price
Experience the culmination of patented technologies derived from the prestigious JBL 7 Series and M2 Master Reference Monitors, seamlessly integrated into the modern design of the JBL 306P MkII. Elevate your studio performance, indulge in an enjoyable mix experience, and embark on an auditory journey that transcends boundaries—all at an accessible price point.

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