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Chauvet DJ Hurricane Haze 2D DMX Haze Machine (1,200 CFM)

Chauvet DJ Hurricane Haze 1DX Haze Machine (800 CFM)

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Water-based Haze Machine with Continuous Output, Adjustable Output Speeds and Nozzle Direction, 1-channel DMX control, and Onboard Digital Display
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  • Delivers delicate, water-based haze that enhances visual effects
  • Continuous output of 800 ft³/minute swiftly transforms spaces
  • Rapid 2-minute heat-up time for quick setup
  • Adjustable haze output via DMX or Haze Volume knob
  • Intuitive 4-button digital display for easy DMX function configuration
  • Compact and lightweight design perfect for limited spaces and quiet environments
  • Compatible with CHAUVET DJ High Performance Haze Fluid (HFG)
  • Low-noise fan ensures undisturbed moments of ambiance

CHAUVET DJ Hurricane Haze 1DX: Elevate Atmospheres with Subtle Haze

Step into a world of enchanting atmospheres and mesmerizing light displays with the CHAUVET DJ Hurricane Haze 1DX. Designed for the visionary entertainer, this water-based haze machine is your secret weapon to crafting captivating environments that elevate dancefloors, concerts, Halloween events, and more. Immerse your space in a delicate mist that breathes life into light beams, transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences.

Enhancing Visual Magic
Unleash the magic of the Hurricane Haze 1DX as it gracefully disperses haze with a continuous output of 800 ft³/minute. Watch as your dancefloor comes alive with ethereal beams of light, creating an enchanting canvas that ignites the senses. Elevate your performances, celebrations, and gatherings with a touch of mystique that leaves a lasting impression.

Swift Performance, Intuitive Control
In just 2 minutes, the Hurricane Haze 1DX is ready to dazzle, filling small- and medium-sized rooms with its mesmerizing haze. Seamlessly tailor your atmosphere to perfection with adjustable haze output via DMX or the Haze Volume knob in standalone mode. The built-in 4-button digital display puts the power in your hands, allowing you to effortlessly set DMX functions.

Compact Brilliance
Weighing a mere 7.2 lb, the Hurricane Haze 1DX stands as a testament to compact brilliance. Its low-noise fan ensures that your moments of ambiance remain undisturbed, making it a flawless companion for intimate spaces, quiet environments, and beyond. When space is a premium, this lightweight wonder delivers a premium experience without compromise.

Your Vision, Illuminated
Applications for the Hurricane Haze 1DX are limited only by your imagination. Elevate dancefloors with an enchanting mist that accentuates every groove, amplify concert visuals with a touch of atmospheric allure, or infuse Halloween events with an aura of mysticism. This versatile haze machine becomes your creative partner, breathing life into your unique vision.

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