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Chauvet DJ EZWedge Tri RGB Battery-powered Wash

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Tri-color LED Wash Light Fixture for Truss Warming
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  • Effortless integration into TRUSST Goal Post and Arch Kit truss systems for seamless brilliance
  • Rechargeable lithium battery offers up to 20 hours of continuous illumination
  • Monitor battery status with the built-in battery life indicator for uninterrupted creativity
  • Simple attachment to 35-mm truss using M10 or M12 threaded rig points – no bracket needed
  • Control static colors and automated programs with the included IRC-6 remote
  • Create custom colors using the built-in digital display without the need for DMX
  • Achieve smooth dimming with built-in dimming curves for sophisticated transitions
  • Flicker-free operation ensures stunning visuals suitable for on-camera use
  • Link multiple fixtures in Master/Slave mode for synchronized and breathtaking light shows

Introducing EZwedge Tri: Illuminate with Power and Precision

Elevate your lighting experience with the revolutionary EZwedge Tri, the ultimate battery-operated LED wash light that transforms your events and performances into mesmerizing visual spectacles. Designed to seamlessly integrate into TRUSST Goal Post and Arch Kit truss systems, the EZwedge Tri is your gateway to effortless brilliance and creativity.

Unleash Uninterrupted Brilliance
Step into a world of uninterrupted brilliance with the EZwedge Tri's rechargeable lithium battery. With up to an impressive 20 hours of illumination on a single charge, your creativity knows no bounds. The built-in battery life indicator ensures you always have control over your lighting, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – crafting unforgettable experiences.

Seamless Integration, Effortless Brilliance
Gone are the days of complex setups and cumbersome brackets. The EZwedge Tri effortlessly attaches to 35-mm truss systems using threaded rig points, delivering a streamlined and elegant lighting solution. Let your creativity shine without constraints, and bask in the ease of achieving captivating lighting effects.

Precision at Your Fingertips
Experience the power of precise control with the EZwedge Tri. Effortlessly access static colors, automated programs, and even create your own custom shades using the included IRC-6 remote. The built-in digital display empowers you to bring your unique vision to life, without the need for DMX control.

Flicker-Free Brilliance, On and Off-Camera
Craft your visual masterpiece without limitations. The EZwedge Tri offers flicker-free operation, ensuring your creations are camera-ready and captivating both on and off the screen. Smooth dimming curves provide seamless transitions, enhancing your lighting design with unmatched sophistication.

Master Your Lightshow
Amplify the impact of your events by linking multiple EZwedge Tri fixtures in Master/Slave mode. Watch in awe as synchronized light shows unfold, captivating your audience and creating breathtaking moments that will be remembered long after the lights fade.

Elevate your events, performances, and productions with the EZwedge Tri. It's time to redefine what's possible with lighting and create a future where brilliance knows no bounds. Illuminate your world with the EZwedge Tri – order now and shape the future of lighting, one stunning display at a time.

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